Tensentric Wireless Power

Wireless power has become commonplace for smartphone charging, but did you know that the technology can be reduced in size to fit in all but the smallest handheld medical devices?

Recently Tensentric partnered with STMicroelectronics on a very small custom wireless power design for a handheld medical device that used a 10.3mm diameter receiver coil in the handheld device and a 15mm diameter transmitter coil in the charging base.

Learn more about wireless power technology and how it can be harnessed by medical companies.

Tensentric is a team of highly experienced engineers developing a wide range of medical devices and in vitro diagnostic systems. Tensentric has completed over 300 development projects for clients in the medical device and IVD space since the company’s inception in 2009 and is ISO 13485:2016 certified for design and manufacturing. With capabilities for BSL-2 lab use, manufacturing process development, rapid prototyping, human factors validation and consulting, and in-house design for injection molding expertise, Tensentric is uniquely suited to a wide variety of medical device design, development, and manufacturing application.

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