Zero Doubt Through Phase Zero

A key difference between Tensentric and other firms to which medical-device design and development is outsourced is its emphasis on Phase Zero. Phase Zero gets at the unknowns that still remain after core market research is complete and a clear market need for the device has been established.

At this early stage, there are still a lot of unknowns that can potentially sabotage a project. An experienced team knows which questions to ask to erase doubts, safely moving your project from the realm of risk to the assurance of success.

Ask for our “Phase Zero” white paper to learn more about our process.

Project and Risk Management

Managing the design and development of complex medical devices is not easy. Outstanding project management is crucial for both our clients’ and our company’s success, which is why we place so much emphasis on it. Most of the products we work on involve custom electronic hardware, real-time software, and a wide range of mechanical and optical components.

Although we emphasize Phase Zero efforts to uncover and solve as many design issues as possible, when the time comes to move into the detailed design phase, there often remain risks to mitigate and assumptions to explicate, which can impact the project’s schedule and budget.

Request our “Project Management” white paper to learn more about how we manage risk, assumptions, scheduling, and budget.

Partners, not Vendors

Developing long-term business relationships with our clients has been a Tensentric goal since day one. Moving past the typical vendor-customer relationship toward a partnership requires a level of trust that must be earned but which can yield immeasurable benefits to both parties.

Tensentric has concentrated on developing these relationships with a focus on client satisfaction, a unique billing model, and a shared approach to giving back to the community.

Ask for our “Partners, not Vendors” white paper, which describes our creative billing model and our “partners in caring” philosophy.